Newhaven Skatepark and Pumptrack is an exciting project to re-develop the current skatepark and dirt jumps in Newhaven, working with award winning developers Clark & Kent Contractors, who amongst a huge portfolio from across the world, designed and built the 2012 Olympics BMX courses.

The project will see the creation of an integrated skatepark and pumptrack and will be truly unique as riders will be able to seamlessly move between both elements. 

The challenging topography of the site means the designers have had to create a truly exclusive design that will give Newhaven a facility that will be total unique to any another in the world.

Big thanks goes to our main funders, Lewes District Council and Newhaven Town Council.

Thanks also to the South Downs National Park Authority who will be supplying us with bike racks and a Fix it Stand, the Councillors at Lewes District Council for the additional funding for a water drinking fountain, Cycle Seahaven for all your support and finally to everyone who has gotten involved with the consultation and the design process.


You can find out more about Clark & Kent Contractors here

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